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Log Caulking
Log Caulking
Like the subtle difference between a log home and log cabin, log caulking and log chinking are actually two different things. Calking your log home requires less material than a typical log chinking project. Calking is the easiest preventative maintenance project for log home owners and log cabin care takers.

Log Home Maintenance
Log Caulking
Proper log home maintenance starts with you. The log home owner / log cabin care taker will be the first to spot any issues that can prevent a minor log home maintenance issue (like log caulking) from becoming a major log home restoration project.

Most log home maintenance issues can be addressed by a Log home maintenance professional. We at the LogDoctors pride ourselves on making Log home maintenance easy for the log home owner and the log cabin care takers.

Have A Log Home Maintenance Issue?
Log Stabilization
Contact your friendly Log home maintenance specialist at the LogDoctors, and we can get your Log home maintenance issue addressed promptly. Our goal at the log doctors is simple. We want you to enjoy your log home with peace of mind.

Call the LogDoctors today ((855) 349-5647
to discuss your log caulking project.

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